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    I cracked the screen on my HTC Titan a while back, and then last week, I dropped it and it shattered. =(

    Its been acting up real bad - browser not rendering pages, or the screen failing to respond. Yesterday it rebooted several times, and would never make it passed the HTC load screen for hours until I did a hard reset.

    Anyway, to make a long story short, I'm broke, but picked up a Palm Pre Plus for practically free from a friend. Is there anything I should know right off the bat? Do I need to learn about prepare and doctoring right away?

    Thanks for any input, I appreciate it.
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    Yes, absolutely! Installing preware is literally a breeze.
    You're definitely going to want to overclock.
    You can do this by installing Uberkernal and Govnah. Both are in preware.

    Put your phone in dev mode by typing webos20090606 on the home screen.

    Then all you have to do is install webOS quick install to your computer, install the novacom drivers (you'll be prompted to do so) plug in your phone, charge only mode, click on the downloads button, select preware and install it to your phone.
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    Below the screen is a touch sensitive area called the gesture area, while not obvious to first-time users, you use it for navigation.

    Get a Touchstone

    Battery life isn't stellar

    Upgrade to webOS 2.1 if you're feeling lucky/adventurous

    Preware has lots of patches, but some may fail to install if they overlap with one already installed

    Browse threads here, lots of info here

    It can be slow sometimes - patching can help

    Notifications pop up below the screen, if they're just icons, tap the bar to expand it, swipe away what you don't want

    Prepare to use the best multitasking UI ever!

    Doctoring is uber-simple, Metadoctoring however (for upgrading unofficially to 2.1, franken-pres, advanced stuff) is not so simple.

    It may seem confusing to use at first, but you'll get the hang of it

    im pretty sure there was a pdf guide somewhere...
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    the original pre/pre+ discharge the battery really fast, especially when using the data connection. You can find spares on amazon for <$5 and it's worth having a spare. Also a good idea to have touchstones any place you sit frequently so you can grab some recharge any time you aren't using the device.

    preware is simple and powerful, and you can tweak almost every aspect of webOS without hurting the phone. If something goes bad, you can run webOS-doctor and be back to factory fresh! A preware app called safe/restore will help you back up your patches and games before running the doctor.

    one more tip, don't store your contacts or calendar in the webOS profile. Use gmail or hotmail. Anything stored in the profile can only be accessed from a webOS device, which is a pain in the shoe, especially if you ever break the device and buy a different phone to replace it... You won't be able to migrate those things from the broken/lost phone. Just sayin.

    ...and welcome to your new addiction!
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    Thanks everyone. I can't wait till tonight when I pick it up!
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    I'm having fun so far, but I'm finding I want to do a hard reset. I have installed Uberkernal - can I still do a reset from the phone info area, or do I need WebOS Doctor now? Also, if I decide to give this to my kid, can I just change the Palm user that is logged in, or will it need to be restored?
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