My Sprint Pre- is nearly 2 years old. Some keys on the keyboard are nearly non-functional. The screen has a funky haze. I bought a new unopened Pre on ebay but it would not login to my Palm Profile, so I sent it back.
After 14 years of Handspring/Palm/HP starting with a Visor Deluxe with 16 MB memory module and the IR remote module, I am done. Met many nice developers over the years through beta testing (Jean Icbiah of Fitaly, and Maulin Shah of Patientkeeper, for example.)

Bought a Sprint EVO 4G LTE and it is en route to me. I will really miss this forum and all my Palm games and medical apps from the last 14 years and Classic, etc.

But the world has passed HP by. I still have my Touchpad and Preware.

I do not have hope that open source webOS will be functional on a phone in the next 12 months. webOS toasters and printers, sure, but not a phone.

If I could put a Pre 3 on Sprint I would have stayed loyal. My corporate discount on Sprint and family of 4 means it is too expensive to switch carriers. My son and daughter already have Android phones. My wife has the Win7 HTC Arrive and it is a fantastic device, just a bit heavy.

And at least Citrix receiver is available on Android, so I can access my work desktop from my new phone without Splash Remote. Now to get my splashID info into splashID safe for Android.