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    Hello, since it's long time i had the actual install, i would like to make a doctoring in order to have a fresh phone. The only issue i'm having is that when i had the phone the first months after buying it, i installed the virtual keyboard app from preware, but it wasn't very good, so i remove it. Later i doctored the phone but still there were files regarding that virtual keyboard. Even still today(i have made about 3 doctoring in total), i see files of it when i access the phone on usb mode. Is there any way to full erase everithing on phone, and doctoring leaving a fresh new install?. Contacts and asuch aren't a problem since they are backed up with the cloud profile.
    Thanks in advance!!!
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    Doctoring doesn't remove files in the USB partition. If these files are in media/internal, the folder that's opened when you enter USB mode, and you're sure you don't need them, then simply drag them into your trashcan on your desktop and delete them.....or you can use Internalz Pro and delete them that way.
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    Or you could go to Device Info > Reset Options > Erase USB Drive. That will definitely erase everything in the /media/internal USB partition.
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