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    So, I have an at&t Palm Pre Plus and I have at&t service with data but the phone is stuck on the create a profile part of setup and says sim sos. my friends at&t sim worked in it before but after I reset the device and tried to use mine it just doesn't work. anyone know what I can do to fix this?
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    Just try a restart or two and try reentering your info. I went through this, every once in awhile switching between two devices. Hope its the simple solution problem...

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    that didn't work, even tried web os dr. I did try unlocking it a few months back with the att provided code but it never worked so it sat in a drawer until today when i need it and now not even a att sim will work in the thing. its like its locked out completely. I've never had so much trouble just trying to get something to work properly.

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