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    bought an used unlocked palm pre plus off ebay and now facing this problem. It got me to the palm profile screen which asks me to create one. I tried but it says sign in fail, no data connection. I notice that on the left corner is "SOS only", and there's not even a signal bar. I don't know what to do now, I have tried several SIM cards and they're all covered with data plan. Need help!!!!
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    I don't have any exp' with GSM pres but the SOS only speaks to the phone not being activated so all you can use it for is a '911' call.

    Maybe it's not as unlocked as it seems. or the phone's radio is off. or defective.
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    when I got this phone I had to unlock it manually. With a little research (8 hours) I found several articles and youtube videos that really helped. I'm no hacker and have no experience with webos but if you can follow instructions, you can unlock it. I would help you with specific links but I'm currently trying to fix something myself.
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    When I got my used GSM unlocked Pre 2 off eBay I had no problem putting in a friend's SIM card and using that to create a Palm Profile and get into the phone... It does sound like you have a tech problem that needs to be addressed.

    I did find this Tip:

    Try these instructions and use the webOS Nation search box at the top of the forum pages for more help.

    Good luck.
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    thanks to y'all. I finally know what is going on. Not anything much about pam profile, it is just the phone was previously PERSONALLY blocked with PIN code. I have tried to contact the seller... This is so frustrating. I'm completely stuck here
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    So today I claim to ebay buyer protection for a full refund because the seller doesn't want to be responsible for his item. Any one has experience with ebay buyer protection? Do you guys see any likely outcome?

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