I haven't been able to find the answer to this question, but from what I read, I think I can provide enough information to get a definite answer on this.
I was curious about accessing the internet on my Palm via bluetooth by sharing my computer's connection. I tried bridging the two connections and it didn't seem to work (or more likely the palm didn't realize it was connected and kept asking me to turn on wifi) and I tried sharing my lan connection with no results. My computer recognizes the Palm connection as NAP and the Palm even displays an Earth (or browser) icon when connected via bluetooth. Though the wireless works fine, there are times where we have 5 machines including an xbox 360 and a few computers actively using the same connection and we run into IP conflicts as soon as I turn on the wifi. I haven't bothered configuring each system with a static IP yet, which I will eventually do, but until I do, I would like to share my computer's connection with the Palm via bluetooth (and even if it doesn't solve the IP conflict issue temporarily, I'm just curious anyway).
Also, a bit off topic, but has anyone successfully been able to access either Hulu or Netflix on a Palm Pre? I am willing to try anything to get them to work.