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    I spent the last week and a half unlocking and customizing this old Palm Pre a family member wasn't using and now after it fell (and pulled out the USB cable) on the carpet the screen turned black and I'm unable to get the screen to come back. This has happened once before where the screen turned black but it eventually worked again. Also, something weird happened to it once when I opened the slider and the screen got scrambled with repeated patterns of the screen that repeated further if I touched the screen or zoomed in with multi-touch. The screen got scrambled this way two times from what I can remember. So today I dropped it for the second time on carpet, not very far, definitely not a drop that would damage the phone, yet the screen is black (phone is working, the gesture area responds to touch, the screen turns off with the power button, the phone vibrates when I use the switch next to the power button as well as when I hold the power button). It doesn't seem like it has anything to do with the proximity sensor, unless the sensor is broken. I don't have anything blocking it in any way, nothing on the phone, no protective film and it's clean. So my only idea is that there is a loose connection in the phone? If the screen had a loose wire though, wouldn't it stop responding to touch? I also fixed the battery so it isn't a battery issue.
    Has anyone with this issue successfully fixed the phone themselves? Do you think that I may have to resort to opening the phone and try to fix it?
    I don't mind doing whatever I have to to fix this and would appreciate any help you guys can give me. I have found a few tutorials to taking the phone apart and would love to hear from someone that has done this before.
    Thanks for all the help!
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    Sounds like it's likely a loose ribbon cable in the phone. It has a few - hard to say exactly which one it would be. Two are pretty easy to get to... follow the instructions here for details on how to open the phone up to see the two easiest ones to access. (The Pre and Pre2 are virtually identical in terms of assembly) Step 11 shows one end of each cable and when you have the phone taken apart this way you can see where they go and get access to the other end of each with the phone on it's side. If it's one of these two, it'll be the wider one. It won't be totally disconnected though because if so the phone wouldn't boot.

    There are some other smaller ribbon cables that connect to the mainboard but are more involved to get to. It could definite be one of these - seems a little more likely actually, in my mind - but that's a bigger project. Search for Palm Pre Teardown for some videos on how the phone can be taken apart.

    If you aren't comfortable with taking things apart it might be worth going into your phone store and asking if they can look at it to tell you what's wrong. Those guys will be much faster and more experienced at taking the phone apart and putting it back together correctly, and perhaps you'll get lucky and they'll just fix it for you.
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    I'd rather take it apart myself, otherwise I'm just going to throw it away. I don't have service on it and I'm not going to buy one myself still waiting to see if I have been hired at a possible job. As long as I have the tools, I usually fix these things myself as long as there is a good tutorial online. Can't screw it up as long as you do it right!

    I'll try to take it apart then. It's totally worth the experience anyway. Worst case scenario, again, I throw it away or install a patch that forces it into USB mode and use it as an external drive only.
    At least I know it isn't a software issue now. Thanks!
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    Ok, maybe someone can explain what happened, but I left the phone charging for almost 2 days and now I picked it up to plug it into the XBOX for storage and the screen is working again? If it's a loose connection then how would it start working again for no reason? I didn't do anything but put it into USB mode a few times via keyboard shortcut. Anyway, I'm glad it's working. Just in case the proximity sensor is being screwy, is there a way to turn it off? I will never use this to make phone calls.
    Thanks again for all your help!

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