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    My kid sister inherited by father's trusty old Sprint Pre running 1.4.5 after she managed to trash her Evo 4G. She's been begrudgingly doing fine until recently, when the phone for whatever reason stopped sending text messages.

    A restart temporarily fixes the issue, but eventually it starts failing again and not sending texts.

    She hasn't done any patching or installed any other homebrew apps - she wouldn't know the first thing about how to do that anyway.

    Thoughts? I'd like to save Doctoring as a last resort.
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    No idea - but recently on my Sprint Pre- my data feed has been deciding it doesn't want to work without any warning. I try to load Carbon or something, and nothing updates. Switching to airplane mode, and then back out, seems to fix it... but it's annoying to have to do this in the first place. My email notifications (corporate Exchange as well as Yahoo) have stopped showing up too.

    I wonder if these things could be somehow related.

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