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    Very simple - I have all three elements (Xserver, Xexecutah Xterm) and it won't run. I open Xecutah hit start Xterm, get a brief black screen then nothing (Xecutah goes out of focus i.e. drops back).



    Maybe just a cuddle cos I'm really tired!!!!
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    This same thing is happening to me on a Pre 2.

    Di youi figure anything out?

    I wanna run xterm so I can block the 2.24 OTA update.
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    Nope. I'm pretty new at the whole webOS thing so I'm at you guys mercy!!
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    come on use 'search' guys, it's all been answered serveral times:

    search wterm
    search preventing automatic webosupdate
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    OK that helped v. little why would wterm help???
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    ever find a solution to Xecutah xterm button press, screen flash, no terminal problem?
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    I am also trying to figure this out, for a Veer that I'm trying to get the Debian chroot running on.

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