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    I have a Palm Pre Plus that I'm not using anymore. I loaded WebOS 2.0 on it to see what it was like, but what I really want to do is turn it into a surveillance camera. I'd like to have it plugged in, connected to my wifi, and be able to remote in and view the video camera. I was originally thinking that Skype would work fine if I could make it auto accept calls, but it seems as if Skype is not and will not be available on WebOS. Anyone know of any other software out there that would do something like this?
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    I have the same question! Old Pre2 here...
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    There's something called 'Motion' available via the optware package manager.

    I used this back in the day with a cron job to stitch the images into a GIF on an old headless linux box.

    Saw it, dunno if it works or helps.

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