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    I have an original Sprint Pre with a broken USB port. I have a replacement phone (another Pre) ready to go but need to get my data off the old one. There are a few dozen pictures that weren't already backed up and more importantly, all my files from Save/Restore.

    I purchased and installed File Sync to move the files over USB but it's terrible. Getting data from the PC to the phone is great but it's almost impossible to get data from the phone to the PC.

    Does anyone know of a better way for bulk file transfers via WiFi or Bluetooth from the phone to a computer?

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    do you have preware installed? WiFi file sharing is on there, and works great.
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    Damn! I didn't even know that existed. I searched all over using Google and here on the forums and never got a hit.

    However, I keep getting IPKG errors when trying to install it (it never fails).

    Trying to solve that now. Thanks for the tip!
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    you can use wifi media sync . Sync your file to PC .
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    In a pinch, if you have a working terminal program you can use scp. That's how I've been backing up my WebOS devices to save the "crypto" files. Of course you'll have to have the ssh daemon running on your host.
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    Another idea if all else fails is to install the ZumoDrive cloud storage app on your PC and your Pre
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    with internalz you can email 1 at a time. Or client for 99cents ?
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    Thanks for all the tip. WiFi Media Sync will not work on 1.4.5 so it's not an option. I was able to get Easy Samba and WiFi File Sharing installed but couldn't get it to work. As it happens, a friend that's a Unix SA was hanging out at my office on Friday and we setup SSH and got the data off that way.

    Just to reiterate in case anyone is thinking of buying it, File Sync is a piece of junk and their support is useless. Save your money!

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