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    After receiving the infamous "no longer signed into Palm Profile on this phone" and having to reboot yesterday, now my Bluetooth does not work with my Ford Sync. I have tried pairing them. I am running Palm webOS

    Any help or do I just need to get a new phone? It seems this error is a hardware problem and has no solution.
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    My pre plus did this last week for no good reason (the profile bit; I don't know about the Bluetooth since I don't use it). What a pain! Do you know why this happens?

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    I had to "remove device" from my Ford Sync system and re-pair the Palm with it to make Bluetooth work

    As for the profile issue, it appears from all the posts, etc I have read to be a hardware problem. If HP/Palm does not have any upgrades to address it, I'll be switching from the Palm Pre Plus to another phone.

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