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    Hi all. I have a Palm Pre Plus. Recently I have been having a problem where, when I am on a call, I hear a clicking and for a moment or two can't hear what the other party is saying. The other party hears the clicking also. At first I thought it was the earpiece, but then I realized that the other party can't hear me either. Any thoughts on what the problem is? I like webOS but am considering getting a new phone because of this problem. Thanks!
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    The first thing that comes to mind is a problem with the network itself. But the next thing that comes to mind is a problem with the headphone jack (a common problem with the Pres). So far the best solution I've seen for that is to get a little graphite powder (you can even use a nail file to take it off a pencil) and put it in the headphone jack. Then insert and remove a plug about 10-12 times. Give it a try then. Sorry can't be more helpful.
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    Would the headphone jack be the problem if I haven't used the headphone jack? Not in awhile, anyway.

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