Guys, I'm poor. I'd love to jump into the WebOS biosphere and grab a Palm Pre 2 or 3, but alas I'm just stuck with the humble original Palm Pre. Now I am in between a rock and a hard place...I want to download the Audiophile ap so I can play .flac music files, but the ap requires webos 2.1 and I'm running 1.4.5 (or something earlier that is not 2.1.X). I can upgrade to 2.1 but then I'd lose another crucial ap that my life basically depends on, the Navigation. So I'd have to upgrade both my OS and find an upgrade for Navigation that doesn't make my phone explode all so that I can play lossless audio files instead of just dropping a few extra dollars to get a Palm Pre2. Is it worth it? YES! Do you have any idea how amazing .flac sounds? I'm willing to move heaven and earth to play it on my phone. So if anyone has any links to the software needed to make the Pre function like a Pre2 as well as updates for all the crucial aps, my addiction would really appreciate it. Thanks.