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    If i went Pre 2 on verizon is the GPS working yet? i think I would really miss Zune Pass. I use it a lot.
    But I do miss Webos. The office integration and Skydrive is nice too. My daughter is using my old Pixi as a music player and when i pick it up I miss Webos, did I say that already? I think I even miss the old rickety slider.
    call me crazy. My HTC trophy is solid as a rock but even with mango, it is not webos.
    Oh, well.
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    Pre 2 GPS was always good on Verizon, if I recall correctly. It was the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus the mucked around with.
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    gps on pre2 is just as crippled as on the legacy devices.

    the only way my gps works properly is when google location services is activated or if I use the cumbersome "gps fix" app
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    keep in mind I want the Pre to work for me. i have been a Palm guy since the early PDA's. So I activated one I picked up on Ebay, which has a tighter slider than the brand new I had 2 years ago. Interesting. I mean this slider is rock solid.
    So after one day without my HTC Trophy, which us far from the flagship WP7 phone, it pains me to say that first impressions are that the Pre screen is small(although I like the size when it comes to portability so have to trade off on this one), it is slow(though I can live with this too) and I have not homebrewed it yet.
    But as one who used to say that all the apps don't matter, it does when there are so few and they are crippled by lack of GPS. )maps, turn by turn, and fitness apps while running all use gps and wow already miss it. I also really miss Zune.
    Calendar is better on Pre and the OS is better, though Mango is good.
    Oh, The keyboard works great no misses, but is smaller than he vkb on Trophy. The multi- tasking advantage and notifications are not quite as good on trophy, but they have caught WebOs a good bit in this area.
    What is best place to get Podcasts? Dr Podder?
    Ah, if only the HTC Trophy had Webos. But I am committed to using it a week and giving it a go.
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    get a pre 3.. They kick ***
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    Love the Pre plus , but miss my WP7. I installed Windows 8 last night and really want the Trophy back now. I'll still be on precentral and may be back when Web os gets better hardware as it opens. Giving the Pre to my sister as her first smartphone.
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    I just traded my Pre2 for the Trophy. Although there are some things WebOS does better, the Trophy is a nice phone. The gps on the Pre2 is a joke compared to the Trophy. I can open up maps and it will open and pull up my location in 10 seconds or less. Battery is no comparison either. WP appears to have a bright future, especially with Windows 8. And I still have my Touchpad for WebOS.

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