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    I still have my lauch day Pre- running 1.4.5.I have been seeing weird behavior and I was wondering if anyone experiences this.

    If I don't restart Luna about every two days everything start running really slow. If I look at JSTop I see that Systemui has over 1000 handles! Once I restart Luna everything is fine, but over time Systemui handles will grow out-of-control again.

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    Sounds a little odd, when was the last time you doctored it?


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    Never have

    I'm too attached to all my settings, text messages, and the few other things that Save/Restore can't replace after a doctoring. I have done a lot of homebrew stuff on it since day one so I guess something happened somewhere to cause this, so I'll just live with it.

    I'm really just hoping that my Pre holds on until webOS 1.0 is released and someone gets it working on a device...I can dream...I can dream...

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