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    okay i have checked other forums out and they seem to be a bit old. but now that it has been quite a few years since the original palm pre came out, is it possible to flash it or move it somehow to Boost Mobile??
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    I think Boost uses Nextel, don't they?
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    Boost has both CDMA (Sprint network) and iDEN (Nextel network). When the iDEN network is shut down in a few years, it will be all CDMA.
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    yes sirs it is, Boost is indeed CDMA/iDEN And Sprint will be shutting down the iDEN. Though i'm not concerned over the shutdown. my concern is my palm pre and my wallet. =) ..just wanted to know that if their was a possibility to flash or move a sprint palm pre to boost. but if its not possible than oh well..
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    All I can say is it has definitely been done, but YMMV.

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