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    Everytime I open Google Maps, a message comes up telling me to update to the new HP maps (or whatever it's called.) This wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have to update every single time I launch the app. What's the deal with this?
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    I never use the maps on my Pre but is Google Maps replaced by HP Maps? If that isn't the case try opening HP Maps instead of Google Maps?
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    it should remove google maps I think. I want it back.
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    Yes. G Maps will be replaced by Microsoft's Bing.
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    The author is correct, or at least I am experiencing the same thing. I will install Bing maps and use them fine, then the next time I need to use them I get the same "Google Maps" icon with the message that I need to update. I haven't taken the time to associate the problem with restarting the phone or anything else. Unfortunately, I don't know of a way to remove Google Maps since it is part of OS and there is no icon for Bing Maps when this problem occurs. When I initially install Bing Maps, the Google Maps Icon does change to the Bing/HP maps icon, but it keeps changing back to the Google Maps icon with the associated error message. This has happened numerous times and has gotten to the point of causing me to not rely on the phone for mapping functions. Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions?
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    If you want to stay with Google Maps, I suggest loading BFG Maps. This application is a gateway to Google Maps that will support all Google Map features including street view, favorites, map layer markers, & much more. It is ad supported but if you donate at least $0.99 and ads will be removed. I love this app and highly recommend it.
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    Still having the problem. Tried deleting and reinstalling. No help. also, links to Google maps from other apps (e.g. GoodFood) are broken. Don't care which one I get just one one to work. Now using Sprint Nav app as it does work.
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    I agree, BFG Maps is fantastic and runs Gmaps.
    I was stunned on my last trip, even with a GPS, to go to look ahead for traffic, and found a satellite view of a couple of hundred yards of highway with my little dot moving right along.
    Thanks to the developer and I am glad I made a mistake and gave $5
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