I searched the forum a few times and couldn't come up with anything so here goes: has anyone noticed that since the Bing Maps went in instead of Google Maps that it seems to have negatively impacted your phone's ability to tell where it is? My guess as to the reason this could be is that Google Services was primarily the way my phone was getting its location (I have the GPS almost always turned off due to battery life concerns). Do we have any confirmation one way or the other that even though Google Maps is no longer on the phone the Google Services location method still works?

The symptom is that programs like foursquare and others that require a location fix just suddenly stopped working (used to be they'd get a really poor fix, +/-1000m, but it worked fine for what I needed). Oddly enough, it still seems to work if I go out of town (last time I was in Florida, it worked fine the whole trip). But these days in my normal area (eg. non-roaming), if I want any of these location-based programs to work, I need to turn the GPS on and launch VZ Nav.