Bought an old Pre- off someone on CL last night. Will probably activate it sometime today or tomorrow and use it during the interim period while I wait for my Pre 2 to come in the mail (going to FrankenPre).

The problem is this Pre clearly has some wear on it. The screen is pretty scratched (although not too noticeable when it's on), and it's a bit of a pain to push it out to reach the keyboard. If I push on the center of the screen, it slides up pretty easily, but if I push up closer to where the button is, I encounter some resistance. I sort of assumed the latter would be the standard way of doing it (if I suddenly have to pull out the keyboard I don't want to downpress in the middle of the screen lest I press something on the touchscreen I don't want to press, right? Particularly if I'm answering a call and the middle of the screen is "End call" or something). Is there anything I can do to help that--cleaning, WD-40, etc-- or is it just something I'll have to deal with?