My original Pre (Sprint) is out of commission, I have a 2nd one that I got when I was eligible for a handset upgrade rebate about a year ago. I had it activated for a month to get the rebate but then I switched back to the original and boxed the 2nd one up as a spare. The 2nd one is all patched and configured and ready to go the way I want it, so I'd like to not have to doctor it.

I just had the 2nd one reactivated and it's in the same state as it was when I deactivated it. The data connection is working, I shut it down and restarted it but it's still in the same state from when it was deactivated.

I did a backup right before deactivating the original, so how can get the 2nd one to download the current online backup without erasing (doctoring) it, or can that even be done.

On a side note, my phone is always the primary device that I keep things on, so that is always up to date with input information, i'd also like to be able to do the same thing on my touchpad, that way I can just input my info to the phone and then have it updated to the touchpad.