Hi all, Pre minus user here with Sprint...feeling the option pain as you all know.

Since 1.4.5 doesn't have Exhibition mode, is the below scenario the best?
What might I be missing for what to use, to get as close to an app in Exhibition mode?

I have the following knowledge, but wondering if I'm missing something, or something better exists.

1) I'm using the J.Robitaille 'No Auto-Off While Charging' Patch.
2) I'm also using Mode Switcher with a setting to launch App 'X' when placed on a Touchstone.
3) So, are there other options out there for 1.4.5 users? or is this the best one/best combo?

4) And most importantly, what are other 1.4.5 users using as the best news/rss app that actively shows live/updating headlines for this scenario? I'm at a loss on this item. Suggestions please!


-man, I can't wait for the day when I can root open source webOS onto another new device! (fingers crossed)