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    Have my upgrade coming up I should be happy but have no webos options available. I have been trudging along with my frankenpre + . I had webos 2.1 on it when I first made conversion, but I used my actual upgrade for my wife, so when I activated my wifes phone, I had to reactivate the pre+ which caused me issues, so I had to go back to 1.4.5, 2.1 wasn't to stable so I never went back.

    Wanted to see what other webos lovers have done or switched to and how they compare. I have even contemplated switching to iphone4 for a more stable and supported platform (I know, I know). Not a huge fan of android or IOS in general. But I guess it's time for a change; tired of being behind technology lol.
    Thanks for any input

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    Frankenpre 2?
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    I took out a Pre plus on o2, which is due to end in March. Managed to snag myself a Pre3 from cleverboxes last summer, so I've been using that as my primary phone. If your heart is really set for webOS, try and get yourself a Pre3 or even a Pre2 (ebay or the forums on here, someone can help you out). Personally, I plan on sticking with webOS as long as I can. Last night I doctored my Pre plus to 2.2.4 - yes it's do-able, just not entirely stable yet :P [Clicky] - so I can keep that as a development/skype phone for a while (or a backup).

    I still have the option of taking a new phone with my contract renewal and I'm planing on going for the Galaxy S2 - mostly due to it being on sale and I need to keeps costs down while i'm at Uni, but seeing how my parents droid phone has been working has made me curious. Would have preferred to get a WP7 phone, but nothing in my price range. I've tried iOS a few times (girlfriend has one), but the more I use it, the less I like it.

    You never know, in a few months time you might be able to get webOS running on whatever device you have :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by kayphoonstar View Post
    Frankenpre 2?
    Franken pre +... Pre 2's were expensive

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    For being on Sprint, your options are limited and I know that pain. I dont dare say them here.
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    My Palm Pre have a sentimental value for me, since the day I saw it at CES 2009, it was a must have device. It have been with me for 2 years and a half and counting... I need to upgrade because I'm a technology geek and I feel outdated, but I dont know which one can be my next smartphone. Right now I dont have a techno-path connection with any device like I had back in the days of the Mighty Pre. Galaxy Nexus seems like a good choice, but I'll miss my favorite platform, wOS. So I'm considering jumping from Sprint to AT&T, to get a Pre3 or Pre2. Not sure about what to do...
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    get a pre 2 and do a frankenpre 2 conversion. It was a cheap and awesome option for me. Bought it off these forums too =)
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    I was thinking about the Pre 2 conversion, how just really wondered how big a difference it would be from the plus.. I don't want to pay for the pre 2 and nothing really different

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    I can't tell with the plus. My wife has a pre- and I was on a pixi so I can say for sure its faster than those. Even with hers clocked to 1ghz my pre 2 with 2.2.4 and stock kernels is noticeably faster. Plus if you look around or wait just enough you can get one for around $100-$120.
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    Im kinda in the same boat as Kelvorg. I have my original Pre from Sprint from way back in history, July of 2009. I love WebOs and keep looking at my husband and sons Nexus S, and play with Android, DID get an Acer Iconia Tablet, and have lots of fun with that, but for my phone, everything I compare Android to WebOS, I just cant make the jump. This is the first time EVER I have been over a year past an eligible update and have just not felt motivated to use it.

    Trying to keep hope alive!
    I keep coming here every now and then to keep up with the possible news re: open sourcing of WebOs and what may be down the road.

    But for now, my beloved Pre (gen1, but heavily modded, overclocked, themed, and patched) will have to stay in my pocket.
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    I've also been with my pre- for over 2 years. I was able to get a brand new pre 2 on eBay for $100. Plan to do the frankenpre2 upgrade to keep my webOS love going.
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    all, who can I talk to about franken-pre'ing? I sent an email before christmas to as I think, thru the forums, I found them and they had a nice web page offering to do it, w/ diff options, etc.. they never replied :-( and now their site is down (well, says check back after new year.. and.. hello... its after new year!) apparently its the same folk(s?) who does the villo app, as thats where they try to redirect you to.
    point being, besides them, I dunno who to get to do it. I'm not tech-savvy enough (hardware wise) and software wise I'd just as soon let someone do it thats done it before than have me muddle around.

    (btw I'm hoping to do it on a pre2 w/ a pre- ...)
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    A complete pictoral guide can be found here - Sprint Pre 2 - WebOS Internals
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    Quote Originally Posted by dowdyrich View Post
    Wanted to see what other webos lovers have done or switched to and how they compare.
    I used my upgrade to get a free Nexus S 4G. For one reason ... Ice Cream Sandwich. Too bad they are slow rolling it out to the Sprint Nexus S phones. The UI for Honeycomb and ICS makes Android almost tolerable. Nothing like WebOS, but at least usable.

    Negatives ... I miss a real keyboard. The Android 2.x UI is a sad joke compared to WebOS. No Synergy. Email app is very very poor.

    Positives ... 5pm and I still have 70% battery. Google Apps. And (i hope) an upgrade to ICS.
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    Pre 2 bud. Other wise im waiting for the nexus or iphone 5.

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