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    I was just wondering if the forum thinks it's still good to use these products?
    More for people who are stuck with them.. You know, making the best of etc...

    Post if you still use one :P
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    I'm still using my pre-. Works just fine. I am in the middle of reading up on the steps to get a pre2 and do the frankenpre process.
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    I'm still using a Pre + and I'm very content with it. With homebrew on it, it is my superphone!

    True, I would love to have a VZW Pre 3, but the free mobile hotspot is what's keeping me for now. If I were in situation where I had wifi all day, I would probably find a way to get one off ebay--but I need those 5GBs right now, and I'm not a freetether fan.

    OT: So funny--one time I switched to a WinMo phone from my Treo. It was so difficult to use and buggy that I had to carry a notebook around with me in order to get anything done. I gratefully went running and screaming back to the Treo with a new appreciation for it--even if it was old.)
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    I'm fixing up one I got given from a friend (new screen half) and I'm planning on using it during the next year, so I'm looking for all your opinions Thanks
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    still clinging to my pre- overclocked and overpatched!! works fine, but i'm itching to upgrade and either pay $150 to get the Epic 4g touch, or perhaps the frankenpre2, also around $150 on ebay.

    I've gone to Sprint stores to test drive the Epic, and of course I back and up swipe everything to no avail. So the switch to droid will definitely require a lot of adjustment.

    what do do....

    Sprint Pre-
    UK Screenstate 500/1ghz
    Mode Switcher--RULES !!!
    Advanced preferences by Sconix
    Lots of patches
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    Not using my Pre anymore- switched about 5 mo. ago. Best uses for your old Pre: 1. Time lapse movie camera. Get the Time Lapse Maker app, and also Time Lapse Assembler software for your desktop. 2. Backup storage- Contacts,Music,Video,Books. 3. Spare Music/Video player- these work, no contract needed. 4. In Wifi, range the browser still works- again, no contract needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SBpalmpre View Post
    I was just wondering if the forum thinks it's still good to use these products?
    My son and I both use our 15-month-old AT&T Pre+ phones. Mine's moderately
    overclocked and patched. His is almost stock. I'm considering doctoring mine to 2.2.4,
    though. Any reason not to? It seem like all the new development is being done on
    2.x or 3.x devices...
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    I get a "new" refurb pre from sprint every 3-6 months. These phones just simply don't last with regular use. *Something* goes wrong. I have insurance so they usually don't give me too much grief about totally replacing it with a refurb. When I do get the refurb, the phone feels new - some are better than others, some are "stronger" pres than other (meaning, better candidate for OCing @1ghz smoothly; I had a pre that would not be smooth if pushed beyond 800mhz)... Are they good phones? Well, when it feels new, it feels pretty good. After a few months of wear and tear set in and the OS starts getting slow (loses that snap after awhile, even with logging turned off), I'm ready to throw it against the wall. But then something breaks and I get a new refurb. And the cycle continues. I'm a pretty stubborn webOS user. Many others have long moved on to other newer phones.

    If you must stick to webOS and are on sprint and don't want to mess with Frankenpre/pre2, then well you really don't have a choice beyond pre-. It's a terribly crafted phone and can get quite frustrating to use. If you're not bound to sprint, why not consider Pre3 esp if you're on ATT?

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