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    Hi, have a Pre- and I've been frustrated by the camera app just refusing to go to "ready" state for awhile now. I open camera app, most of the time, it goes straight to the state where you're able to take pics. After you take one or if yo minimize the card and come back, or is another app is open, or whatever, often times, the camera app just hangs and it takes another 30 sec to a min to free itself of whatever that was causing it to hang. It will hang sometimes after I take photo or sometime after I minimize the card but no photo taken (so it's not like it's waiting to process the photo). It's majorly annoying and I've missed many Kodak moments. I'm on my 6th Pre- now (sprint refurbs) and it's happened to all the devices, not just my current one.

    Any clues? I do have about 2500 images saved if that means anything...
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    I had this problem for years; but now it's gone since doctoring back to 1.4.5 and Harrier kernel. Before, I was using 1.4.5 with stock kernel, 1.4.5 with UK, 2.1 with UK and 2.1 with Harrier -- and all the time I had numerous camera problems (no UI elements showing, no preview, "unable to take photo" message, and -- very slow app start/restart), now they all are gone and I can shoot about one photo per second

    I have about 300 pictures saved as for now, but I don't think it's relevant, problems were there regardless of their number.

    There's one more thing: near doctoring I've found filesystem errors on my /media/internal, that the phone apparently could not fix by itself, so I had to manually run f s c k; maybe the errors were responsible for my problems, but I don't think so, my camera was unreliable for many months before, and filesystem corruption would show in some other way furing this time.
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