Hello all, I just got a new(?) atleast to me Pre- from sprint, to replace mine that wasnt working, and i have to send my old on in with their prepaid envelop. I logged in to the new pre- with my profile to see if it backed up my apps before i erased and sent in my old one. It did not copy any of my apps to the new phone, and then it kicked me off and rebooted my old pre-, when it started back up it said i cannot log into that device(old original pre-) without a carrier service provider. I had already activated my new pre-. How can i log onto my old profile to check which games i had (mostly my paid ones that i got, i cant remember them all [original pre- owner], without looking through the app catalog for hours). When i logged into my palm profile it shows my TP and new phone. I tried using my brothers palm profile to log in and it said required carrier service.

I did actually get an iphone 4s as a gift for xmas from my other brother, and i wanted to still keep my pre- as an "ipod" / gaming device and use it as a palm old school PDA/wifi device around the house, and even switch between the iphone and the pre-. (the iphone makes me feel so cold). Is my new pre- replacement a paper weight if i cant even log in without a carrier? And how can i log into my old pre- before i send it to sprint to check on all my apps. (i did do a manual backup of old pre-). If someone can please help, i need to send my old phone back before i get charged for it.