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    Got my replacement pre for like the 10th time and all of them regain the apps I had on. This time it didn't. Just came with the stock ones. How do I get them back?
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    Go to the App Catalog and re-download them. I've had several replacements as well and run into this a few times. There is no way to tell what apps you have already purchased unless you saved your email receipts, so hopefully you remember which ones you got.

    I was able to get Palm, at the time, to email me a list of all apps that I had downloaded on my profile, on what they called a "one-time exception". They were unable to differentiate between paid and free, but I did get a list sent to me. I was extremely persistent with them on their Live Chat, and took me a good portion of an hour to get it, so it wasn't easy, but it was possible.
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