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    What is currently the best option for maps on pre minus running 1.4.5? I'm seeing the nag screen to "update" to HP maps, but have yet to do so, because I didn't want to overwrite Google Maps.

    The patch to retain Google Maps (here - ) no longer works, as I understand it?

    Are the current (good) options basically gMaps or BFGmaps? Is there any hope of a patch to keep Google Maps alive in any form?
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    I am so unhappy with Bing maps. It doesn't show traffic on non-highway roads!!! What idiots at Microsoft. Like one of the posters said on these forums, which made me laugh by the way, "All your maps are belong to Bing"

    I love that quote!!

    Keep searching and send me a message if you find out a google maps alternative app. I'm at work so I shouldn't be on the interweb right now! Good luck. I'll search later today.
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    I'm using BFGMaps and it works pretty well for me. I even donated to remove the ads and support the developer. Once in a while the marker showing your location doesn't seem to show up, but this only happens rarely. It uses the google maps traffic data so it is more substantial than Bing traffic. I think the reason google traffic is so much better is that so many more phones are using google, so it is getting many more data points from those extra users.
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