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    So here I sit with my Pre+ thinking what should I do? I love webOS. I got the Pre+ the week it came to VZW. I got the TouchPad the day it launched. I was set on the Pre3 but now I'm at a crossroads.

    Things are starting to not work. I want a camera that shoots better pictures, I want working GPS (always), I want something that doesn't lag so much. The problem is I also want synergy, multitasking GTalk in messaging and inductive charging.

    I love how my contacts update to match Gmail and Facebook. I love Homebrew. I love the cards. I love the Touchstone. I'm afraid though I'm going to have to step away and see what happens with the open source. Too many things have started to act strange like loss of data connection for no reason without notification! So I'm shopping.

    Here I am. iPhone 4S or Galaxy Nexus or is the Pre2 enough of an upgrade to go there for two years? Which phone is going to give me more of what I want? I use Google Apps through work for everything. I also want great connection to Twitter and Facebook. I think the Nexus gives me more but I've always been turned off by Android. I wanted the iPhone when Verizon got the Pre+ so I've always leaned that way. My wife has the Pre2 and has a lot of the issues my Pre+ has plus a few more (too many cards). Advice?

    Heres hoping its a 2 year leave of absence!
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    your wife has too many cards error with a pre2? Thing of the past for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    your wife has too many cards error with a pre2? Thing of the past for me.
    How did you make that stop?
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    Quote Originally Posted by iowahawk19 View Post
    How did you make that stop?
    I don't know what to tell you. I have a sprint gsm Pre2. I have never had that problem, but try using uberkernel if you are not already
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    You should rarely ever see any TMC errors with a Pre 2. I also have a Sprint FrankenPre 2, and I have only had the TMC error once, maybe twice. I've been using it since March of last year, and have been using the stock kernel (I haven't felt the need to overclock).

    If you're set on sticking with webOS, the Pre 2 is a solid choice; though I'm not sure if you would want to get locked into a 2 year contract for a phone that's already over a year old. Maybe you can buy an unlocked gsm pre 2 & frankenpre it with your Pre +, so you can avoid the contract.

    If you want to switch platforms, I would probably go with the iPhone 4s.
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    What impressed me most, when I went from a Pre + to a Pre 2, was how absolutely easy it was to upgrade. My apps and accounts just magically appeared after logging into my profile. The main difference was that the phone was faster.
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    why not a pre3?

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    Quote Originally Posted by siobhanellis View Post
    why not a pre3?
    My guess is cause they are pricey.

    I bowed out a year ago and was happier for it.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    My guess is cause they are pricey.

    I bowed out a year ago and was happier for it.
    and I think I would be OK with the price now.
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    from personal experience, the Pre2 on verizon is excellent, and the Pre3 is AMAZING. And both are better with uberkernel.
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    pre 3's are going for $400unlocked AT&T, $500+ for verizon
    iphone 4S are going for $4-500, more for unlocked. Of course you could always get it on contract (2more years locked in). So I don't quite get the price issue.

    personally, I am waiting for the next evolution of webOS smartphones, whether it be a port or a new build. To tide me over, I got a pre2 to replace my wife's pre plus if needed, and a veer to use with my touchpad. I have many batteries and touchstones (#1 feature) to keep me going for some time. Later on, I can reassess what the direction is for webOS smartphones, and switch or develop accordingly without being locked in. WebOS works for me, and I enjoy using it, so I will keep using it with available and affordable tech
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    The Pre3 isn't on there because of price. I don't have problem locking in on iOS of Droid as I know they will be around and supported in two years. Getting a Pre2 locked in I'm not as sure of. I could get an unlocked Pre2 for the contract price of an iPhone or Galaxy. I think you have to admit the hardware of both of these phones is much better than the Pre2.

    I would love to see an iPhone build with webOS but that isn't going to happen.

    I looked at both phones tonight at Verizon and I'm still confused. ICS is pretty close to webOS and 4G is FAST! The battery life on the Galaxy is about like the Pre+ and without a Touchstone that is a bigger problem.

    The camera, Siri and the battery life of the iPhone are awesome. The multitasking is lacking in my book. The quality of the build is great though.

    My biggest remaining issue is really the lack of Synergy. I never realized how great of a feature that is. I love how my contacts photos update themselves all the time. I use GTalk all the time also to talk to my wife. I'm not seeing a great way to do that with iOS. Not like webOS through the standard messaging app!
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    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    My guess is cause they are pricey.

    I bowed out a year ago and was happier for it.
    What did you get? What made you happier?
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    I'm thinking of the Samsung Galaxy IIS instead of the Nexus. The screen is bigger has a better camera, if I remember correctly. The major advantage of the Nexus is ICS. The Galaxy IIS should be getting it soon and is capable of running it without any issues. I've never been an IOS fan because of it's inability to multi-task but even more so the control Apple has over the users. I love Preware and the many things you can customize the Pre with, like FreeTether - for wifi hot spot sharing, adding pages to the launcher view and more. But I'm ready for a change, especially in hardware. Crisp clear camera shots are a big plus for both the iPhone4S and Samsung Galaxy IIS. I do like the size of the Pre, however being able to see more on a bigger screen, which is just as light, is a decent trade off. I'll be interested in what you've gone with. I won't be changing till ICS comes out on the Galaxy IIS as I'm on Sprint and don't want to pay more for Verizon or ATT.
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    I'm 90% sure that I'm going with the iPhone. I liked the Nexus but it had some similar issues to the Pre+ that have bothered me for almost 3 years. It also lags, the camera seems weak, the battery (according to Android Central threads) is poor and I'm really not a fan of Android. I was hoping that ICS would be webOS...

    The ease of use on iOS, the great battery life and camera has really sold me on that being the right choice. Plust the iPhone is a much better size for me to carry everywhere. I like the Pre size and just can't imagine carrying something in my pocket all the time thats the size of TI-85!

    I'm really going to miss webOS. I hope that when my contract is up something positive has happened with the open source and there is good hardware being made for webOS. In the mean time I'll get my fix via the Touchpad.

    (please don't throw stones)
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    looking at the poll i cannot see how you guys think a pre2 is better than a gnexus.
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    If you're eligible for upgrade, get iPhone 4S, then sell/trade for Pre3.
    I see pandas.
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    just saying!
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    Quote Originally Posted by fixxxer1022 View Post

    just saying!
    Do you have the Nexus? Serious question. Why do you feel this way? ^^^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by iowahawk19 View Post
    Do you have the Nexus? Serious question. Why do you feel this way? ^^^^
    ICS seems nice
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