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    I bought a Touchstone charger for my Pre. My Pre's charging port door is gone and has a small crack. I have to jiggle the plug-in charger until the charging continues and doesn't cut off. I thought getting a Touchstone would solve the charging problem and eliminate the possibility of jiggling something loose.

    However, I get intermittent charging messages while my Pre is on the Touchstone. I've moved it around hoping to get a good contact and message going away and staying away. What's even more weird is the charging message keeps coming on and going off, but the charging icon still shows the lightening bolt like it's charging. Anyone had this problem?
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    I get that off an on but its caused (in my case) because the Pre isn't seeded correctly on the TS.

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    I'd suggest pulling the back off the phone and making sure the battery is seated snugly. If it isn't you can use a piece of paper to make it so.
    Also you can check the contacts that go from the phone back, to the connectors on the phone to make sure they're clean. Isopropyl alcohol is good for cleaning that type of thing, just dip a cotton-swab in one and give 'em a good wipe.
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    I've had similar issues where the charging message would keep showing up even though there was good contact between the TS and the pre. Turns out the TS was bad. I have 2 TS chargers - one for home and one for work. When I placed the pre on the TS charger at home, it charged just fine with no issues or any charging messages flashing on screen. It would flash the charging screen constantly when the pre was on the TS at work.

    Took the TS at work home to see if maybe it's a bad outlet at work, but would still get the charging messages when used at home. I think the TS got surge damage at work (office had some poor wiring). I've since changed jobs and picked up a new TS for work. Everything is back to normal.
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    I fixed my by taping a business card to the front of the touchstone. That additional clearance seems to help. There was a lot of chatter awhile ago about this problem and some people actually peeled off the charging coil and put a business card behind it. I wouldn't recommend it since it's very easy to tear the coil.

    I also noted that using my TouchPad wall wart instead of the one that came with the pre almost fixed it. It still took too much finagling to get it positioned to get it to stay quiet.

    Speaking of positioning, I find that if I pull the pre downwards lightly until it stops, it stays quiet reliably.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if the a power surge may have affected my touchstone. My house is over 25 years old, and we get power surges in our area all the time.
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    Ive got seven touchstones and Ive noticed on some of them I get that charging on and off on and off. Even fiddeling with them, nothing has worked to correct it. Ive also noticed that some of my touchstones have a much more powerful magnet pull when I put my pre on them while others barely hold the pre at all. I think its just the (suprise suprise) build quility of some of the touchstones that is causing it. Some work absolutley great while others just suck big black working mexican hill mule balls! looks as if China is slacking off on American sold products. (no suprise there)
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    I have the same issue as the OP. Same exact crack I bet too.
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    I was using a non-Palm USB cable and wall adapter to plug into the Touchstone. I decided to try the Palm charging/USB cable that came with the new Pixi I bought and plug it into the Touchstone. I put my Pre on the Touchstone, and the darn thing charged with no problem. Now I feel kinda silly having bought a Pixi, and all I needed was a Palm brand USB cable and wall adapter.

    Since I got the Pixi for a reasonable price, I'm thinking about giving it to my son since his phone dying, and we're both on Sprint.
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    It did this to me if the phone wasn't perfectly on the touchstone. Also make sure you're using a genuine Palm charger
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    The case I got for my Pre says that it is Touchstone compatible - and it almost is.

    If you put the Pre on exactly it charges, but the slightest bump will knock it off. I will probably cut out a hole (like the GRT cases) in the back so that it gets a good connection.
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    I had been experiencing intermittent Touchstone charging with a new refurbished Pre+. Ding-dong .... ding-dong ... etc.

    What fixed it: using contact cleaner on the two copper charging contacts on the phone back, AND straightening the corresponding pair of phoneside contacts where the current passes into the phone's body. Those phoneside contacts are delicate little copper things, standing like an upside-down V, feet rooted in a chip housing, vertex designed to touch the back's contact areas. I used a sewing needle to carefully & slowly do my straightening.

    When it works, which it now does, Touchstone charging is simply awesome magic.
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