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    My phone is stuck on what the pin would be, i just full erased and this is the part where i would put in a pin or something, but its not showing up. it just shows a blue cloud background. mine is a palm pre minus on sprint.

    here is a link to a picture of it
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    looking for cell signal to activate a profile? probably need the activation bypass patch. Search for it, there are plenty of threads leading to it.
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    i already put in a profile. but now nothing comes up.
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    Sorry if i'm being obstinate, but you have good cell or wifi signal?
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    yes i do. all it shows is the bright cloud screen.
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    I replaced it with a HTC, I would just like to get my contacts off. Does anyone know how I can get my stuff off the internal hdd?
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    anyone ever heard of this? ive searched google forever and i cant find anyone with this problem
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    I've had this happen if something such as a call or text comes in right when I type in my pin and confuses the phone. The only way out for me is to call the phone and that will jar me out of the blue cloud screen and all is well. I have the bypass pin patch. YMMV

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