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    I have a Sprint Palm Pre webOS 1.3.1. I performed an upgrade to webOS 1.4.5 and everything went smooth with the unit rebooting into the Palm Profile screen.

    Next, I ran the Palm Bypass Activation tool (devicetool.jar) with the command "java -jar devicetool.jar". Ran fine but after it rebooted, it hung on the Palm boot screen. (I waited for up to an hour and it remained stuck there.)

    I've tried pulling the battery and tried a soft reset (Orange Button + SYM + R) but doing so only caused it to boot back into the Palm Profile screen. (Did I lose the benefits of the Palm Bypass Activation tool?)

    I also tried to go into developer mode (##3386633# [##DEVMODE#]) but it simply kicked me back to the Palm Profile screen. It's like the Twilight Zone, I tell ya.

    I've retried the steps above but got the same results.

    I'm tempted to run the "Palm Pre CDMA Sprint Rom w/ Activation Bypass" but I don't want to quit yet as I'm sure I'm missing something simple. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Ahhh, something bad happened! D:
    the official instructions are all I can think of right now...
    (as a side note, I believe the #devmode thingie is 2.x only)
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    Not necessarily "bad" but just a glitch. I've read the Pre is hard to brick.

    Yep, those are the instructions that I worked from. (Well written.) I think I'll try the "Palm Pre CDMA Sprint Rom w/ Activation Bypass" to see how that fares.

    Thanks, xandros9!
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    Fyi...I installed webOS for my Palm Pre without a hitch. Oh, there was one thing. After the process finished, the doctor gave me an error message: "We were unable to reset your phone." No big thing. I simply unplugged it and it booted right into the OS. Sweet! Surprisingly, it's very perky.

    I'm not eligible to include the download link but here are the details:

    Palm Pre CDMA Sprint Rom w/ Activation Bypass
    "This is an up to date version of WebOS w/ Activation already bypassed as well as menu icons for USB Passthrough and Developer Mode.

    This version works great with MetroPCS ~ I had some problems with an older version where text messages were not being received. This fixed up that problem, so if you flashed your Palm Pre to MetroPCS and are not receiving text messages this should fix that problem for you."

    I've been installing apps on it all morning (need to get some shuteye) but it's running fine. Kudos to the author!
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    Sounds great!
    (and there's a saying around here 'You can't brick a Pre' at least, software-wise.)
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    Is the same true for the newer Pre models?

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