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    My current Palm Pre is getting a little beat up. I see several new Sprint network Palm Pre's available online. Has anyone tried to move their service over to one of these phones? I still haven't found a phone I like better so until that happens I'm sticking with what I have.
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    I purchased 2 about 5 or 6 months ago with bad ESN's and swapped the modem from my original Pre, I still have the second one waiting to replace it. The system still thinks it is the original device so I have a new device without the $10 a month charge. webos-internals has very good instructions on the swap. The hardest part was finding the Torx driver for it, a T-5, I found it at Sears.

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    just be careful buying a used sprint pre, many many of them still have a balance on their account associated with the phone. Therefore the balance will prevent you from activating the phone. You can call sprint before you buy with the esn number they will tell you if its paid off or the previous owner is a loser and doesn't pay their bills.
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    At one time all of my family had Pre- on Sprint phones (5 in all), all of them came third party, and a couple of them had to be swapped to "new" Pre- phones, they came third party also. All of them came via Craigslist, locally, accept 1. I met them at the Sprint store, had Sprint tell me if the phone was good to register, and once they did, I gave the seller the cash.
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    I bought one last week off of ebay, had it registered on sprint for my wife for $30 (onetime activation fee) and $23 a month added to the family plan. I sent this out along with a new pre 2 to get my wife her Franken pre 2. I have one and it works great especially with the latest ota update. There are step by step instructions on how to do this or you can send it off to someone to do the modification. I have sent mine to morrison0880 who did a great job for $35.00. There is such a difference in performance and it will extend your webOS life.
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    got one off ebay for my wife for $18. No problems activating, did it online for free and no issues. I have another one that I can doctor back to 1.4.5 but the plastic for the volume rocker is broken if you really need something...
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    the short answer is yes, you can move your service to another Sprint Pre you found online, and many have done it successfully.
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    Ebay buyer here also no issues and my old scratched pre is me backup
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    i wish i did.

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