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    I am using an HTC Wildfire atm and it is hell! I have a Pre original here, GSM Unlocked, with a broken digitizer but working LCD screen, and I am wondering if there is any point in selling the HTC to fix the Pre?

    Is there any future for such an old device? It was bought brand new in May btw off Amazon.

    Also, I'm in the UK and use O2 UK. The only problem is where to find parts for the screen now.. ..

    Thanks in advance Forum.
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    Parts can be found on eBay, or there are Chinese online shops which sell parts like that, can't remember names now. Or buy a cheap old used Pre for parts.
    If you bought it new in May, you could still send it in for repairs, couldn't you?
    What about a nice new Pre 2 or 3 or Veer? webOS 2.x is a huge step forward.

    My personal opinion is that though the Pre- is of course still a usable phone with 1.4.5, it does not really have a future. 2.x runs, but with too many problems, lag and so on (IMO). Better buy a new 2.x phone. Veer for example is a very nice phone if you don't need the Pre's screen size. Not that expensive either.

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    Thank you for the reply. Though I'm saving for an iPhone 4S at the minute too and am sceduled to buy it in January as I'm kind of an Apple person. I love webOS though but I don't feel it has enough apps or a future with no company behind it.. I liked Palm but since the sale to HP I have mixed feelings. What's your bet on the future?
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    I really don't know what the future will bring. Let's see how the open-sourcing goes down, and when. We probably won't have the latest, newest devices all the time, that's for sure (but we forgot how that would feel anyway). But I'm happy with the Pre 3 right now. And there probably will be the tinkerers and enthusiasts who will dabble with porting webOS onto other phones or tablets or even more exciting, open devices like the Pandora.
    I certainly understand the apps thing. Though I think webOS has quite a few very high quality apps, there's just no comparison to what iOS has to offer.
    But I used almost every platform in the last years, iOS, Android, Maemo, WP7, Symbian and webOS does so many things right that I still (again) use it and rather not have 500,000 apps than getting frustrated with other OSs. I really need only a few apps anyway, RSS reader or a good music player for example. And, again, we might "only" have a few thousand apps, with a lot of crap, but also with really good ones, and new releases also. Oh and of course Preware and patches (and the whole homebrew community and infrastructure), which is in this way non-existent on other platforms. Add useful new functions to the messaging app? No problem. Change your photo naming scheme, easily change CPU speed or governor, and so much more just a patch or homebrew app away without jailbreaking, rooting or replacing whole apps.

    So if you like webOS, don't need apps that are available only on iOS or Android, and don't feel the need to upgrade to the latest and greatest phone every 6 months, there's really no reason why you shouldn't use webOS

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