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    EDIT: Decided to just jump in with both feet and use the sprint pre- 2.1.0 doctor I'd already prepped and it seems to have worked just fine. Had to use the dev tool unlocker jar from HP/palm, but outside of that everything seems to be working. One wifi-only Pre- working beautifully on 2.1.0. Still need to fiddle with it (would like to get rid of the "check sim-sos only" message in the carrier string, so I'll try that first) and I need to get preware etc going on it so I can patch the hell out of it, but I feel like I've answered my own questions and everything is golden!

    So, I've successfully franken-pre 2'ed my sprint pre, but I had a box full of bits and pieces of my old phone (and the pre2 GSM com board) and I figured why not put it all together.

    A few minutes later I have my old pre- with it's shiny new GSM com board installed and the brand spanking new battery I had picked up just prior to dismantling it, and I have a few questions.

    Question 1: I know it's possible to doctor this phone up and run it as a wifi-only device, but, considering the nature of this swap I'm not sure what metadoctor I should be using. It's a sprint pre with an unlocked GSM board on it (sim card slot, no sim card present). Do I just use the normal pre sprint metadoctor (like the 2.1.0 doctor I built for my sprint pre back before I franken'ed?) or do I need a different one that would be compatable with the GSM board? I'm hoping to get this thing up to 2.1.0 (hoping to run a few 2.0 apps), but I'd settle for 1.4.5 if thats what I have to do here.... Would a stock sprint 1.4.5 doctor work considering the com board swap?

    Question 2: Once I finally get everything doctored up, I need only activate the device as a dev phone correct?

    I look forward to getting everything working - I figure with wifi only and a few apps loaded on through preware, it should turn into a decent little personal media player/e-reader/web browser. Yes, I have my pre2 for all of that now, but I'm sure I can find a use for the old warhorse even if it's just parking it on a touchstone running a clock .
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