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    5 hours ago I ordered an unlock credit for Palm Pre Plus on NextGen Server, but I haven't received any username and password. I did my payment with Google Wallet.

    I've checked my bank account and the money has been locked, the payment appears in my Google Wallet account and I've also checked the Spam folder of my e-mail account.

    Anyone here know what is happening? I used NextGen server last year and I received the order details in a couple of minutes after making the payment.

    P.S.: I've also tried to retrieve my order and all I get is this:
    TXN ID: ****4879874****
    Order Status: OK
    Date time: 2011-12-19 09:25:27
    Product: Palm Pre Unlock Credit (PALMFORUM discount)
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    Your payment is probably being checked. They do that from time to time, and it takes a while longer.
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    I've just been contacted by someone from NextGen Server and he told me the same thing. Google is reviewing the payment.

    Thank you!

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