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    I already have a Sprint 1.4.5 installed last year...just got another upgrade notice to HP WebOS 1.4.5. What is going on with this HP WebOS 1.4.5 upgrade? Isn't this the same..over a year and a half late?

    It's been runing fine with all my patches, theme, overclock, hotspot, etc. Do I have to uninstall these again? It's such a pain to figure out how to install everything back again. Not to mention the time wasted to get it back the way I have it now.

    How can I prevent upgrading?

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    Same thing just happened to me... And I have no patches. What is going on?! I'm also a little afraid to go thru with it. I don't know how to turn it off or make it ignore it. Are other Sprint version 1.4.5 refugees experiencing this?
    It would be nice if it meant that HP was going to release webOS 2.2.4 to all the devices as a Christmas gift; given that they have no plans to release another phone and am sure am not the only one that would like to use his Palm Pre to send and receive txts on my TouchPad.
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    I got it today and went ahead and updated. Not sure what this is about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by miles4000 View Post
    I got it today and went ahead and updated. Not sure what this is about.
    So do I uninstall all my patches/applications or do I update?
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    I updated and it screwed up my maps. Now Google Maps and Bing don't reconcile. I already "forced" upgraded to Bing, then after this OS update it reverted back to GMaps, and everytime I want to use the maps, it reverts back. Sigh. Too tired to figure this out at the moment.
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    Have the same problem with Google Maps back instead of Bing. Not sure if its related, but with network time enable I'm getting wrong date. It shows Dec 8 2015 for todays date, which causes email certs to think they expired. Called Sprint and they don't have a clue why its happening. So I switched to manual date.
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    I have the same problem - updated the phone and now Google Maps is all screwed up.
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