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    Hello all,

    I want to be able to save and read a text messages conversation that I have on my Pre, but I don't know if there is a program that I could import the file into so I can read it? Currently the text message convo is on my phone and I can read it, but I want to delete it entirely from the phone, and save the file on my computer for future reference. Any thoughts?

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    I imagine a homebrew app could be developed to allow viewing/sending/receiving from PC using bluetooth or wifi.

    It is certainly something I'd be interested in as it would make replying to messages significantly quicker when I am at my desk
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    Would be nice!
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    If you are on Sprint, you can deep integrate your service with Google Voice, then use your phone or computer interchangeably for sending/receiving text.
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    Nothing like you are requesting has ever been developed for webOS. Your best option is to take several screen shots of the messages and then you will have them saved as images.

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    Someone would have to patch the messaging app to be able to do that somehow or other.
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    it used to be possible on most phones using the AT command set. I've not tried on webOS. I'll do some digging and report back tomorrow.
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    Ok, i've been looking into this and can't seem to find an easy way to do it.

    It should be possible to create a PC app that uses the BT Message Access Profile that the Touchpad uses, but I found anything that does this already. I'll keep looking to see if there are any open APIs to hook into.

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