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    I've been waiting with my old 1.4.5 sprint pre- for a long time to get it a bit more up to speed (and running 2.0+). The metadoctor route was very convoluted and after a fun and ultimately painful attempt I gave up on the whole thing and figured I'd just accept my older OS.

    I recognize a pre-made webos doctor for sprint wasn't previously possible due to copyright restraints... Now that HP decided to open source the whole thing, how long until a pre-built metadoctor can be released for us old sprint hold-outs to enjoy? I'm sure someone has a totally built doctor ready for duty, can we share these yet?
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    I would imagine fairly soon.
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    HP hasn't actually released an open source version yet and hasn't said when it will be ready. The announcement doesn't make the current releases open source. Seems best to assume it will be a while.

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