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    I've been a time with the Pre 1.

    It is alarming as it has lowered its resale price, cost me about € 300 when they buy it ...

    Too bad it does not improve, he stayed at 1.4.5, there is no one who has cooked something?

    Problems or things I am now.
    I spent the battery is too think, touch wifi, videos in 2-3 days to load.
    He seems up / slow down the clock just do not know if it is when you run out of battery that keeps the time of the blackout, put it back well and after a few days I have to calibrate a few minutes ...
    youtube in english results ? i will spanish
    Coverage ... there many times or I'm in the elevator in the garage, in a normal building coverage runs out ..
    Sometimes the screen is stupid .. the buttons do not respond (4) below and see the icon that indicates the pulse in the middle of the screen, if I turn the switch on the screen and usually resolves. Something similar when connecting a charger.

    I spend some of this?
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    Hi morrit, english is not my mother language as is for you. I try to understand your post, what is not so easy.
    Do you say you have to charge the battery every 2-3 days? That would be a very good battery life.
    For the clock there is an app in preware which sync the clock through an internetservice for free. I don't have that problem.
    Don't know about youtube in spanish
    Do you think coverage is not so good compared to other devices? Mine is just fine.
    The screen problem is well known:
    As far as I remember this is a hardware problem. Please read the threads.

    Good luck and don't kill more Bulls ;-)

    EDIT: And BTW I payed 500,-€
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    hi somline, thanks for your post.

    Well, do not give a large use, only a few calls and sms, wifi once the mail but little, and every 2-4 days charge.
    I have the 2G mode

    Yesterday afternoon it started to go crazy the screen, visible pulsations ghosts everywhere, windows opened to small, I was like possessed.

    I did a full reset you sure that it takes more, takes me like 30min.
    When trying to Connect at profile put my email / password and connect and I think that the configuration (3G or internet) Movistar had disappeared, I remember this happened to me to do a full reset.
    do not know if will be related to unlock

    So it seemed strange as you pass the WebOS doctor. I struggled to find on the web, I saw him coming into my Palm profile and device options.
    Palm - webOS Doctor - Seleccione por favor

    We pass the doctor and reboot, when I asked for the SIM PIN, the screen started to go crazy and only 3 pins introduced me wrong and I had to put the puk (unlock code sim card).

    Returned to the screen of connect profile thing does not work and I had to manually put the configuration of Internet:

    User / pass:

    I worked and I could start using it. Now it seems that the screen responds well, there are times you fool, I turn off the screen and recover. I have the 3g, see if the coverage is maintained.


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