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    I couldn't find any posts about this. I am hoping that I missed something and that I don't have a new, unique problem.

    So the short version:
    My screen suddenly developed a darker, smokey looking, area. Other than that it is still fine.
    I have rebooted, even pulled the battery, with no effect.

    The longer version:
    I have a Pre+ with minimal signs of wear. I doesn't have a screen protector and is only in a case when I am out of the house. There are no cracks, chips, or oreoing.
    It was fine this morning. I left it on my nightstand while I was in the bathroom. No one was around to touch it. When I turned it back on, part of the lower area had a darker look to it. I thought that maybe it was a weird afterimage of dragging the launcher bar. I finished what I was doing and then set a reboot. The dark area remained. The screen is responding properly but just looks wrong. I then pulled the battery and rebooted, but that had no effect.
    I showed it to Hubbie this afternoon and he thinks it looks like moisture/liquid. There was no source for that however.

    So right now I am waiting. Hoping it gets better. Fearing it will get worse.
    Has anyone seen this? Any suggestions?
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    It went away.
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    There where already threads about it. Seems to hapen after some pressure was done to the screen but going away.

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