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    Have had a Sprint Pixi for 2 years (first smartphone). Purchased a Sprint Palm Pre recently on ebay and activated in place of the Pixi. I just found this site and have since installed Preware. Added a few patches and applications. I am not a heavy smartphone user. Mostly email, phone and texting. I will surf from time to time but no heavy use. No streaming of video or music so Sprint is making money on me.

    As a user described above with no software or hardware expertise or desire to radically change the devise (ie., Pre2 on Sprint), is there a real world everyday use I would notice on a faster Pre2 or HP Veer? Is it worth changing carriers? I have read a fair amount on this site and it seems I have a "dinosaur" for a phone. I can always pick up a Pre2 on ebay some time down the road. I would need to have someone do the Franken Pre for me as it would be a task well beyond my knowledge. I would prefer to stay with Sprint. Thoughts?

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    I would say just stay with sprint and the pre. Learn how to use govnah and find the right settings for your use and your device so you can get a bit more speed with an upgrade kernel. I recently got my wife to switch from a mid-grade android phone that she hated to a pre and she loves her phone now. The android decive required constant reboots and battery pulls and locked up just trying to make a call. After talking to sprint and taking the phone in on several occasions they told me it was just the way it was and that the only way to get around the lock ups was to get a high end android phone. We didn't want to spend $200 on a phone and thought a $100 device would last at least a year, definitely more than 3 months. I got her Pre on ebay and she couldn't be happier! She loves how easy webos is to use and how she can do everything with one hand (2 kids at home). If you liked your Pixi, once you adjust to the pre keyboard you'll love it.
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    If you are happy with the performance - they there's no worry. If you want more speed - look to a FrankenPre (Plus or 2) for a boost. The extra memory as much as anything improves speed from what I have seen.

    The Pre2 also brings webOS 2.x which is required for some new apps - but it also removes some customization options that the 1.x software allowed because the main interface is compiled and not possible to modify directly. webOS 2.x brings card stacks - which some people love - and some people can take or leave. webOS 2.x brings voice dialing - which some say works well, others... not so much.

    Pre2 is very fast compared to even the Pre Plus which is faster than the Pre. But if you are happy with the speed you have - stay happy. The process of creating a FrankenPre is a bit complicated and requires a bit of Linux knowledge and there is always a chance that you could harm the hardware doing the transfer. It's not high risk, but if you don't like to tinker - it's probably not for you.
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    If your running webOS 1.4.5 on your pre than your probably not experiencing too many speed issues. If you are a kernel with overclocking is easy to do with just a couple installs from preware. I would recommend staying on the pre if 1.4.5 meets your needs and wants.

    For me I like to hack and homebrew the phone so I upgraded my pre- to webOS 2.1 and after that I had to upgrade to a Franken Pre2. The pre- was just too slow and unreliable with 2.1 on it. I started to hate my phone and even tried Android. After Android could not fill my addiction to webOS I made the upgrade to the pre2. I love it! WebOS 2.1 doesn't slow it down and I have never considered the need for kernel/overclocking.

    The advantages of webOS 2.1 for me were the enhance Just Type (don't remember what change but I am sure things were added to its function), stacked cards in view, and most of all FLASH in browser. Overall it is faster and feels more stable. It won't bring you more apps really.
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    Thank you. I will stay with what I have. No issues of any sort so far and I really like the simplicity of Web Os. May get another Palm Pre for back-up.

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