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    So I dropped my Pre- one too many times and each time it's survived, except last night the drop to concrete was a bit too much. Now there's a big crack on the screen and the screen is totally unresponsive.

    I'm able to backup photos and such by going into the USB mode via keyboard (orange+Sym+u) but I want to back up sms/mms. I've done it a bunch of times before but is there any way I can recover PalmDatabase.db3 and PalmAccountDatabase.db3 from my PC without first having to use Internalz to copy them into the usb partition of pre? The screen is completely unresponsive so I can only manage to do what little I can using the keyboard so using Internalz is out...

    FYI - the keyboard still works as does the card view button in the middle of gestures area, volume down (up is broken), mute, and on/off switch.
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