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    I have a Palm Pre minus, ive had five replacements all together due to other problems, but never has the touchscreen become completely unresponsive...
    I noticed last week that the screen was becoming less responsive, then it became more often and i'd have to open and shut the slide several times until it would work again, or take the battery out and restart.
    But, now nothings working. I tried doctoring her, but I can't even get passed the language screen...
    Any other ideas? I was trying to wait for Sprint to come out with a phone I liked, and I would even have settled for the iphone 4s, but of course there on backorder and nobody has them in stock. I have insurance still, but Sprint stopped helping us Pre users awhile back and I'd have to file a claim which could take weeks.
    I'm stuck.
    If you have any other phone suggestions, im all ears. I'd like to have free tethering, that's a must.
    Palm Pre Legacy WebOS 2.1, Checkum' Out!
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    I don't know if this will help as it sounds to be a hardware issue but...... Have you tried canuck codings repair utility? If your still running 1.4.5 it will check the os files on your pre minus against the original doctor file and can even restore corrupt files.... Other then that ........ You said the doctor wont run for you, gets stuck at the language screen? Have you put the phone in recovery mode prior to runnning the doctor? Recovery mode......pull battery, connect usb cord to computer but not to phone, hold volume up, while still holding volume up attach usb cord to phone, then insert battery all while holding the volume up button, continue to hold volume button until the screen shows the usb symbol now try doctoring

    good luck

    edit..... Never mind I just reread your post and realized I didn't need to type all that out as it is not helpful for your situation, and I did it on my pre keyboard to!
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    if your in michigan I know of a guy with 2 pre plus (verizon) that will sell them both for 40. You can frankenpre to sprint

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