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    Hello, just upgraded from a launch day sprint palm pre after I cracked the screen. The phone itself still functions though is a PIA to use due to the broken screen. I wanted to give away my Pre to someone to use as an MP3 player, play my downloaded games, use Wifi, and take pictures with. This phone will no longer have a network connection so what would be my best option to handle this?

    *Buy a used sprint palm pre and attempt to transfer my apps (games) over to it without an internet connection. Is this even possible using any of the file transfer clients such as preware?

    *Buy a used pre for parts or a replacement screen and attempt to replace the cracked screen myself. This seems difficult but interesting to try but at least I won't have to transfer any files.

    *A third option I haven't thought of?
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    Ok I may pick up a refurb palm pre to fix my original. I was thinking, would it be best for me to swap the screen assembly to my original pre from the new one or should I attempt to swap the motherboard (which includes my downloaded games in the 8gb memory) into the new pre shell.

    Option 1 seems like a safer bet IMO. anyone?

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