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    So long story short, I got the iPhone 4S and gave my old Sprint Pre to my mom. My baby has a new home now. :'( Anyways, they did a hard reset of the phone and I had a theme on there. It deleted the wallpaper, but all of the buttons are that of the old theme. I was wondering if to get rid of it all I would have to do is doctor the phone? The old theme is an LA Laker theme and my mom doesn't care for them or basketball for that matter. Also, if I do have to simply doctor the phone, could someone direct me to the thread on how to do it if it's not on the front page? If there is anything else I need to do, could someone explain please. Greatly appreciated.
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    yeah, the only way to ditch a theme is to doctor it. it should only take about 20 minutes, and if she created a palm profile (i assume se did) then most of her info will come back, just make sure to save your photos and what not because those will be gone after doctoring it.
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    sprint did a hard reset? i'm pretty sure this is not possible. as long as it's the same webos profile, the phone should not reset

    anyway, run the emergency reconstruction utility, uninstall your themes (if any show up), then run the emergency patch recovery utility... this will reconstruct the installed packages and remove all of them
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