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    I have problem with my palm pre plus. I bought it few days ago, its used.
    So when I trying to enable Wireless it doesn't make any changes. It has no effect.
    when I open wireless options again, it still disabled.

    so, can somebody help me?
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    I'd start with running a doctor on it to make sure that you have a known and proper version of the system software. I had exactly this problem today, after some kernel wrangling got screwed up, leaving me with an wifi device module that didn't match the kernel version.
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    OK, I will try to run a doctor...

    If it won't help, is there any other solutions? soft reset?
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    It didn't help

    any other solutions?
    help plz
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beroname View Post
    It didn't help

    any other solutions?
    help plz

    It Just delete all my apps ****! :/

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