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    old pre (the 1st day they were at spint) , no screen working and the keybored trick is n/a cuzz keys dont work, all i wanna know is how to mount the pre in usb drive from the commandline so i can get my old videos and photos , thanx
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    Can you 'novaterm' to the device?
    Is 'volume-up' key working? (ie can you put phone into bootie mode?)
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    no, this is a pre I "made" out of my old pre and my moms old pre the iv got it to connect with webos quickinstall though and can do command-line stuff, is there a code I can type in to make USB mode "true" or something?
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    I just want my videos and photos
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    just an update , I fixed the keybored so I was able to get my photos and videos

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