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    i think it's beyond hope, but would like to see if anyone has any insights.
    dropped phone like has been done a few times before, not bad, 3ft to tile floor with attempted catch in between. behavior is now this:
    bottom 1cm of screen and gesture area NEVER respond to touch, but the button, while never lighting, will min/max cards
    remainder of screen responds to touch when first turned on, until try to touch bottom, at which point will no longer respond.....
    until turn phone off/on and then works again....until touch bottom, and so on.
    (edit: there is a time limit to using upper part of screen; as long as do not touch bottom, i can use the top part as long as i continually do something such as scroll, etc. if nothing is done in 5sec or so, phone has to be turned off...)

    so it seems the bottom 20% of phone screen has a glitch that will 'lock' the remainder of screen once touched until it is turned off/on.
    i'm good with teardowns, so if anyone has any ideas of something that may have jarred loose that could be fixed, please let me know.

    unfortunately, i fear some micro wire or component may have broken in the lower screen that cannot be repaired. i did read of similar situations that were fixed by slamming the slider shut hard, which did not work for me. also i doctored it to see if that would help and no joy.

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    It seems to me like its done for. I think its time for a new phone.

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