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    So I want all my numbers in Google and I'm familiar with the option that can email all my contacts using vCards... however, I wanted to know if when I get my phone replaced (it just came in), if I set it up as Google for my primary contacts account and then had Sprint transfer my numbers instead of signing onto my profile, it would save them into Google automatically.

    Hope that makes sense, and thanks for the help!


    worked perfectly. it even added my facebook contacts to google which is even better.
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    Just an educated guess here, since I never had to try it.
    1. Export all your profile contacts somehow. I guess email unless there is a way to export as .csv?
    2. Import them into your gmail account.
    3. Delete them all from your Palm Profile. You must do this because you have to log into a palm profile to activate your new device, unless you use the activation bypass thing but then you will loose all your apps (I think)
    4. Force a back up to your Palm Profile so it recognizes the empty contact list. (Use the Backup app)
    5. When you get your new device, add your gmail account and all the contacts will automatically be added. Most likely, Sprint wouldn't be able to do this for you. From my experience, they can only attempt to export/import contacts on the dumbphones. For a smartphone, they can possibly print out a list of contacts for you.

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    yea i was kinda hoping that this other way would be a nice little shortcut to get them automatically into google... without exporting them and all that fun stuff.
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    when you activate your phone, just add or log in to your gmail account and your contacts will san from google to your phone automagically
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    most of them are in my palm profile, not google. that's the point... i want them in google instead.

    i must not be making much sense. i'll try it out and report back.
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    if anyone was wondering, it worked perfectly. now i'm ready for january when i finally get rid of this POS. can't wait haha

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